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2012 Caller Tunes Code

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 Nadeem Sarwar 2012 Caller Tunes Code


Noha Name

U Fone

Abad Wallah


Zainab Ka Hey


Ye Janaza Hey


Ya Ali Ya Abbas


Wada Dailouge


Qaidi Hoon Mai


Maula Maula


Hai Sadaat


 Fizza Ye Dua


 Ana Ibn E Makk




Farhan Ali waris 2012 Caller Tunes Code

Noha Name

U Fone

 Chal Sakina


 Zainab Ko Ghazi


 We Adore You 



 Sab Ka Hussain


 Qatil Alamdar



 Nana Sham Jo



 Ek Abid Ek Shabir


 Main Thak Gaya


 Haaza Mohammad











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haq ali mola

zari abbas,2016-07-27 16:38

Re: haq ali mola

WE ADORE YOU ,2017-02-01 17:16



JAN,2016-01-02 17:29

babar ayaz

nohe,2015-10-17 09:42

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz mir hassan mir k nohe upload ker dein


babar,2015-10-17 09:39

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz irfan haider k nohe upload kere plzzzzzzx


Hussnain Haider,2015-04-21 09:10

Plzz karbala ki kahani sono is ka code bta dain telenor ka

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ghaibatekybraa,2014-11-01 07:44

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Ali Safdar Rizvi Nohay 2015 now available

nadeem sarwar

abidali,2012-01-03 08:32

plz sir nadeem sarwar video nohay dwonload

Re: nadeem sarwar

faizan hussain,2012-01-15 13:55

salaam syed nadeem sarwar ke new album 2012 ke telenour dail tunes upload karin plz

Re: nadeem sarwar

unknown,2014-03-08 18:12

lora mera

i am not getting it

sadiq,2012-11-20 14:05

any one please tell me the prosses

abad wallah ya zehra s.a

awais ,2012-08-11 11:47

Re: abad wallah ya zehra s.a

awais ,2012-08-11 11:53


Re: abad wallah ya zehra s.a

nabeel,2012-10-08 21:49


awais ,2012-08-11 11:45


Mirza Jawad ,2012-08-07 23:43

Ya Ali madad thank yo very much that you people made this caller tones for us Mola apko Khush rakhyn ...........

Re: Thanx

ali,2012-08-08 22:49

sal plzzzzzzzz nadeem sarwar k zong k cood uplood kary


Shayan,2012-07-15 17:53

plz issue nadeem sarwar manqabat code for telen0r djuice user.thanx

I proud to shia

Dilshad,2012-05-30 11:00

I love my family