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Live Roza Imam ALi A.s



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zainulabideen,2012-05-19 19:06

ya abu fazal abbas please solve the problem thank you...............

ya mola ali

zain-ul-abideen,2012-03-03 16:49

ya mola ali (a.s) please essu over check please gave health to my mother and father

muzloom hussain shah

muzloom hussain shah,2011-11-29 12:02

ya mola muslik hosa please solve the problem


zain-ul-abideen,2011-11-29 11:57

ya mola ali salam please complte my over house please solve the problem a lot money thank you mola ilove u

appriciateable service

zaker abbas,2011-08-23 11:31

thank u for ur great service .U will receive award by almighty allah and mohammad wa aale mohammad