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Telenor Nohay Caller Tunes Codes



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talkshawk Smart Tunes replaces the “Tu Tu” (ring-ring) sound that callers hear when they call your Telenor number. Telenor Smart Tunes lets your friends and family listen to your favorite tunes every time they call you. Telenor allows users the flexibility to use a variety of ring back tunes with different settings. You can purchase as many Smart Tunes as you want. With Telenor Smart Tunes, you can either select one common Smart Tune for all callers or different Smart Tunes for different callers.

New Exciting Features

One key Copy (While listening press * to copy your friend’s Smart Tune)
You can record your own Smart Tune
You can Present Smart Tune to your friend
You can request your friend to buy Smart Tune for you

To Subscribe to Telenor Smart Tunes
SMS ‘ST’ to 345, Dial 230 or visit your nearest Telenor Sales and Service Center.

To Purchase New Smart Tune
SMS ‘ST<space>Smart Tune Code’ to 230
Example: ST 1234567

OR Dial 230 and listen to wide range of Smart Tunes

To set a default Smart Tune for all Callers
SMS ‘Set<space>Smart Tune Code’ to 230
Example: Set<space>1234567

OR Dial 230 and press 4 for Smart Tune settings

To Present Smart Tune to your friend
SMS ‘Gift<space>Smart Tune Code<space>Phone number of friend’ to 230
Example Gift 1234567 03455123456

OR Dial 230 and press 5 for Smart Tune Presentation and Copy

Pricing for Telenor Smart Tune is as follow

 One Time Smart Tunes  Activation Charge Rs.25+Tax
 SMS to 230 Rs.5+Tax
 IVR-230 Rs.5+Tax for first minute and Rs.5+Tax for every next 5 minute
 Smart Tune Price Rs.5+Tax

Each Smart Tune is valid for a period of 30 days



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my best friend

faheem aslam ,2012-03-14 06:58

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hadi naqvani,2011-12-03 22:18

salam I need smart tune code num of new nohas of nadeem sarwar sons plz if u have. plz send me on this email (niki_naqvani@yahoo.com)I have telonor connection.


aghaibrahim,2011-03-16 10:11


kiran video s

kamran ,2011-02-16 18:54

ya ali madad