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Warid Nohay Caller Tunes Codes


Nadeem Sarwar



Irfan Haider





Farhan ALi









Greet every caller with a song of your choice. Warid Caller tunes allows entertaining your callers while they are waiting for you to answer their call by replacing the standard connecting tone 'Tring Tring' with a tune or script of your choice. Instead, they can groove to the hottest new tracks on the music scene, every time they call you!! Play popular songs for as many friends as you like. Choose your song from Bollywood to International hits, whacky sounds to pure Pakistani, and more. You can set one common tune for all or customize a tune for specific callers like your wife or boss.


  1. How can I set Warid Caller Tune on my mobile?
    Just dial 105 and follow the simple instructions to activate your Caller Tune.
  2. What Caller Tunes can I set on my mobile?
    You can set your favorite Bollywood, Pakistani, English and many more as your Caller Tune.
  3. Through what other medium can I purchase caller tunes?
    To avail our diverse categories of caller tunes you can go to the following:
    1. our WAP site via your cell phone http://callertunes.waridtel.com/wap
    2. Web: Go to www.waridtel.com/callertune

Terms & Conditions

  • All charges are exclusive of government taxes and levies including Federal Excise Duty 19.5%.

10% withholding tax is deducted on each recharge amount by ezeeLOAD & scratch card.






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