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Warid Callure Tunes Nohay Code



  Command                Description Return Message
RBT(space)ON To activate the Caller Tunes service e.g. RBT ON Thank you for subscribing to Warid Caller Tunes. To select popular tunes SMS TOP TUNE to 7171 Rs.10+t or Dial 105 get more caller tunes.Rs.5+t/m
RBT(space)OFF To deactivate the Caller Tunes service e.g. RBT OFF Thank you for using Warid Caller Tunes. Your service has been deactivated.
UNSUSPEND To be reactivated on the Caller Tunes system incase the service is suspended due to insufficient balance in the subscriber IN A/c e.g. UNSUSPEND --> 7171 Your Caller Tunes are have been activated. Dial 105 to get more caller tunes.Rs.5+t/m
Tone ID To add tune in Music Box e.g. 7273 --> 7171 Thank U for subscribing to Warid Caller Tunes. To select popular tunes SMS TOP TUNE to 7171 Rs.10+t
GT(space)MSISDN(space)ToneID To Gift a Tone to a Warid Customer e.g. GT 03214000111 3309 --> 7171 Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing Gift Tone to . Rs. 12.65 has been charged to your account. Thank you


Farhan ALi Nohay Codes




Tune ID                                     Tune Title


10122 Ya Saara-Allah Hussain (A.S)
10128 Ro Aakhay Muhari
10124 Ya Ali (A.S) Aap Ki Sarkaar
10131 Subh-e-Ashur Hai
10129 Bohat Ro Chuki Hai Sakina (A.S)
10126 Almaa'n Waalay (A.S)
10127 Akbar (A.S) Ka Laasha
10125 Sughra (A.S) Sughra (A.S)
10130 Kehti Thi Maa'n
10139 Kaise Rehti Ho Bibi (A.S)
10138 Maa'n (A.S) Dekh
10133 Sajjad (A.S) Ko Be Maut
10132 Zainabam (A.S) Zainabam (A.S)
10134 Mere Pardesi Baba (A.S)
10137 Chalo Shaam Chalein
10136 Ali (A.S) Waris
10135 Abbas (A.S) Abbas (A.S)
5527 Kerbala Kerbala
5523 Ya Ali Aap Ki Sarkar
5131 Zainabum Zainabum
5134 Maa Daikh
5135 Ali Waris
5133 Subh E Ashoor


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I am shia

Abass,2012-05-23 04:42

True always better


nomi shah,2010-12-14 21:34

karbala karbala

Re: 5527

nomi shah,2010-12-14 21:37

karbala karbala