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Warid Callure Tunes Nohay Code



  Command                Description Return Message
RBT(space)ON To activate the Caller Tunes service e.g. RBT ON Thank you for subscribing to Warid Caller Tunes. To select popular tunes SMS TOP TUNE to 7171 Rs.10+t or Dial 105 get more caller tunes.Rs.5+t/m
RBT(space)OFF To deactivate the Caller Tunes service e.g. RBT OFF Thank you for using Warid Caller Tunes. Your service has been deactivated.
UNSUSPEND To be reactivated on the Caller Tunes system incase the service is suspended due to insufficient balance in the subscriber IN A/c e.g. UNSUSPEND --> 7171 Your Caller Tunes are have been activated. Dial 105 to get more caller tunes.Rs.5+t/m
Tone ID To add tune in Music Box e.g. 7273 --> 7171 Thank U for subscribing to Warid Caller Tunes. To select popular tunes SMS TOP TUNE to 7171 Rs.10+t
GT(space)MSISDN(space)ToneID To Gift a Tone to a Warid Customer e.g. GT 03214000111 3309 --> 7171 Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing Gift Tone to . Rs. 12.65 has been charged to your account. Thank you

Ifran Haider Nohay Codes



Tune ID              Tune Title

10097 Meray Habeeb
10101 Aur Phir Shaam Aagaya
10095 Behan Hussain Ke
10096 Hurr (A.S)
10098 Jeo Meray Laal
10099 Labbaik Ya Hussain (A.S)
10100 Maa Tera Hussain
10102 Aakhri Qurbani
10103 Abid Sakina Mar Gaee
10111 Bazar Aa Gaya
10110 Bhira Wan Non
10109 Maira Ghazi (A.S)
10108 Najaf Chalo
10106 Sadqa Ali Asghar Ka (A.S)
10107 Sakina (A.S) Ka Janaza
10104 Zindagi Bhar Ya Hussain (A.S)
10105 Veer Hussain (A.S)
10113 Alamdar (A.S) Alamdar (A.S)
10114 Zainab Ka Ghar Bar (A.S)
10115 Yeh Hussain (A.S) Qafila
10121 Pani Lay Aao
10118 Mein Yasrab Di Seen Haan
10119 Hussain (A.S) Hussain (A.S)Janam Hussain (A.S)
10120 Ghar Chalo Bhai
10116 Abbas (A.S) Mairay
10117 A Sala Kum
10112 Aun (A.S) O Muhammad (A.S)
5596 Labaik Ya Hussain
5525 Ya Hussain
5412 Aay Sakina
5414 Ab Zindagi Bhar Ya Hussain
5411 Jheetay Rahoo Aun-o-Muhammad
5410 Allamdar Allamdar
5413 Aa Gai shaam Sa
5115 Husain Badshah
5120 Azan E Akber




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