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Zong Tunes Nohay Code















Are you tired of listening to dull rings when you call? Do you want to play pleasing music or a song when your friends call you? Do you want to whisper a song to your sweetheart? Dial Tunes can make your dreams come true! By subscribing to Dial Tunes, you can give your friends and customers a surprise! Join the cool Zong Dial Tune world NOW!

How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to Dial Tunes service, Dial 230 or send REG to 230.

How do I setup?

Dial 230 and simply follow the instructions to get the latest Dial Tunes, set up on your Zong Number. You can also set up the Dial Tune by visiting out web site www.zong.com.pk

How do I purchase the Dial Tunes?

There are various ways to Purchase Zong Dial Tunes:
An easiest method to do this is through our user friendly IVR where you can dial 230, select the category you are interested in and then the Zong Dial Tunes of your choice. In case you happen to know the content code of Zong Dial Tunes, you may select the option from the menu and enter the code for purchasing. Content code is available on the website and from Zong Dial Tunes flyers. You can browse through the Zong Dial Tunes website and purchase as many Zong Dial Tunes as you want.
Purchase through SMS:
You can pick Zong Dial Tunes content catalogue from the Customer Sales and Service Center or from the web site. Note down the content code of the Zong Dial Tunes of your choice for purchasing & Send SMS <content code> to 230.

How much does it cost?

Subscription to Dial Tune service is free of cost.
Daily fee Rs. 1+ tax
Download charges Rs. 5 + tax
IVR charges Rs. 5 + tax



Farhan ALi Nohay Codes




Tune Title                                Tune ID


30004136 Ali Waris
30004147 Bohat Ro Chuki Hai Sakina
30004141 Mere Pardesi Baba
30004148 Kehti Thi Maan
30004153 Zindah Rakhien Gay
30004151 Ya Ali Aap Ki Sarkar
30004145 Akbar Ka Laasha
30004137 Chalo Shaam Chalani
30004144 Zainabam Zainabm
30004138 Kaise Rehti Ho Bibi
30004139 Maan Dekh
30004143 Subh-e-Ashur Hai
30004146 Almaan Waalay
30004142 Sajjad Ko Be Maut
30004152 Ya Saara-Allah
30004135 Abbas Abbas
30004149 Ro Aakhay Muhari
30004150 Sughra Sughra






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amir,2012-08-17 09:45

how to unsubcribe zong tune?

Best of luck

ali muhammad 03128061283,2011-11-30 12:39

thanx for buit this suite for shia people


JAFRI,2011-07-30 14:40